Today I just read a newsfeed about Hyukoh getting accused of plagiarism by Beach Fossils. This was uploaded on Oh Hyuk's private instagram (@hyukoh_). 

이런 멘션을 받았습니다.

저는 제 음악에 대한 양심과 자부심이 있습니다. 
이때까지 나쁜의도를 가지고 곡을 쓴적이 단 한순간도 없습니다.평생음악을 하는게 꿈인데 베껴 쓴 걸로 인정받을 생각이었다면 애초에 음악을 시작하지도 않았을 겁니다. 저는 표절을 하지 않습니다.

아직 정규앨범도 없고 1년이 채 되지 않은 신생밴드이지만 정말 감사하게도 굉장히 빠른 속도로 과분한 관심을 받게 되었습니다. 저희 스스로도 아직 많이 부족한 걸 알고 있습니다. 하지만 지금까지 음악적으로 떳떳하게 해왔고 앞으로도 그럴 것입니다. 저희를 좀 더 지켜봐주시면 좋겠습니다.

We've received this kind of mention.

I have a conscience and pride regarding my music. Up until now there hasn't been one moment where I have written songs with bad intentions. My dream is to create music for my entire life, and if I thought that I could receive recognition by copying, I wouldn't have even started music in the first place. I have not plagiarized.

We're still a new band that hasn't been out a year yet, and without a full album yet, but we've received interest gratefully at very fast pace.

We know ourselves that we are still lacking in many areas. But up till now we have been upright in terms of our music and will be upright from now on too. We would like it if you all kept watching over us."

My Response:

1. Well, those songs indeed sound similar. I have two good healthy ears and I’m trying to be as objective as I can be. 
2. Those Beach Fossils guys are not taking this seriously. If you ever find someone else’s work that looks or sounds similar to yours, how would you feel about that? Some people can even be mad as fudge. It’s a good thing that they didn’t use cuss words. They way they said it makes everything sounds like a joke. Actually, they don’t even give a big deal about it. 
4. Prior to the response number 4, I do really mean it. You have no idea how crazy korean netizens are. If you’re a famous person in Korea, you don’t now how it feels to enjoy the freedom of normal human being. You are always chased and stalked, physically and virtually. One wrong move and your career is over.
5. Koreans need to chill. It’s just a tweet, don’t take it too seriously please.
6. Go Hyukoh! You guys are awesome, keep making good music ‘cause you guys are one of my high hopes in korean music industry.

Find out more about Hyukoh and The Beach Fossils.


Waktunya terus berjalan, 
tapi aku tak punya arah tujuan.
Bukannya tidak tahu arah haluan, 
tetapi tidak ada penuntun jalan.

Katanya tunggulah, dan semua akan baik baik saja.
Bukannya lelah, tetapi aku tau itu hanya kata-kata manis semata.
Semua rasa, cuma jadi cerita lama.
Tanpa rusuk kedua, semuanya akan sia-sia.

Manis memang, semua ceritanya.
Manis juga, dusta dan durjananya.
Menjadi satu, putih dan hitamnya.
Yang nyata dan fana, cuma dia yang tahu jawabannya.

Burn your blueprints

You can't predict the future. No one can. Even psychics can't predict a reliable future because our future, is all in our hands. I'm 20 years old this year. In this twenty years I've been living, I know I've been doing a lot of daydreaming, making thousands of blueprints of my life, my future life stories that are all perfect in my standard. And I also know that daydreaming will get you nowhere. I mean, It's great to make plans, make targets for your own life. But sometimes, a dream is just a dream. It might come true or it might not.

Now that I reach the twentieth year of my life, for the first time I can think like an adult. What is it like to think as an adult? An adult won't just look only at the positive side of a story or the other way around. I'm not saying being an adult is the same with making yourself a hypocrite, but sometimes like in term of making decisions, you have to think a thousand times just to get the perfect right decision.

It's good if you can make your blueprints real. It'll probably feels like you're achieving your lifelong dream, well I don't know how exactly it feels because I'm still on my way to make my blueprint. It's not even finished yet. I haven't put anything in it. Now when I think of all my unfinished blueprints, I feel the urge to throw it all away, away from my mind, because what I got right now, is my real life. I got a lot of things going on in my life that needs to be done.

Right now. Burn your blueprints. Throw them away. Even Walter Mitty can finally burned down his blueprints and live a daydream-free life.

Live in the now. See what's happening. Make the most of it.

Good night